Hamilton Island Wildlife Attraction Gets Green Light to Reopen

13th September 2017

Wild Life Hamilton Island Koala

One of the most popular Hamilton Island activities and attractions was given the green light to reopen this week after being severely damaged in Cyclone Debbie earlier in the year. The popular wildlife attraction on Hamilton Island had been closed temporarily while the damage was fixed, with its usual residents Jeddah, Bobby, Tallow and Billy the koalas spend some quality time with the team of carers at Australia Zoo on the Sunshine Coast.

Hamilton Island Wildlife was forced to close after enduring winds of up to 270kmph during Cyclone Debbie. The attraction sustained widespread damage and the damage to the eucalyptus supply in and around the region meant that the koalas needed to be relocated until the leaf supply was restored.

Rob Hall, General Manager of Hamilton Island Wildlife says the return of the koalas will be both an exciting and rewarding time for the attraction.

"The team is thrilled to have four of our koalas return home, following what has been a very challenging time for us all,” said Mr Hall.
"We are grateful to Australia Zoo for stepping up in our time of need. We know our koalas have been in great hands while we rebuilt their exhibit but it's great to have them home!

"All four koalas have handled the transfer to and from Australia Zoo very well and are settling back into their newly renovated home, doing what they do best: sleeping and munching on eucalyptus leaves."

Rosie Booth, Hamilton Island Wildlife Director of Australia Zoo said that caring for the koalas had been a pleasure and that, although they will be missed, it was great to see them return to their newly renovated home.

"During their short stay with us, Bobby, Billy, Tallow and Jeddah have been feasting on eucalyptus and have captured the hearts of everyone who has had the pleasure of caring for them. Although we are sad to see them go, we are very pleased that we could help out and that Hamilton Island Wildlife is fully operational again."