What Winter?

19th May 2015

Whitehaven Beach

When it comes to winter, most people prefer to stay rugged up inside rather than venture out into the cold. The lucky ones specifically plan a holiday around avoiding the plummeting temperatures and jet off to chase the sun somewhere where it's always warm and the sun is shining. However you don't have to journey somewhere far flung to warm up during the colder months, all it takes is a little trip north of Brisbane to de-stress and defrost.

There's pretty much no such thing as winter when it comes to the Queensland Islands and the subtropical Hamilton Island weather is what makes it such a popular holiday destination year round. Situated on the same tropical latitude as Mauritius in the southern hemisphere and Honolulu in the north, Hamilton Island is a sunny holiday hotspot. Unsurprisingly, it's teeming with holidaymakers and tourists during the summer months but many people don't realise the wonderful warmer weather it offers in winter.

Daytime temperatures in winter average a lovely 24 degrees Celsius with overnight lows dropping just a touch. With minimum winter temperatures still a very comfortable 18 degrees Celsius, you'll be able to enjoy all the beautiful beaches, water sports and World Heritage listed Great Barrier Reef without the summer crowds. Pack a light jacket or cardigan for the night time and you'll still enjoy plenty of opportunities to work on your tan during the day.

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of visiting in winter is the price. Despite still being glorious, winter is considered the low season so there are plenty of bargains to be had. Some of the best offers include a great range of bonus inclusions and with all the money you save you can choose to splash out on something a little more special or, better yet, stay for longer!