Power Couple Takes Out Hamilton Island Triathlon

14th December 2018

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Athlete power couple, Ryan Fisher and Brianna Thomas have taken out the 2018 Hamilton Island Triathlon.

With over 200 participants, the 10th anniversary event attracted competitors from all over Queensland including Olympic medallist, Susie O'Neil.

Ryan Fisher won the men's title after a gruelling 750m swim, 20km bike ride and 5km run around Hamilton Island marina and resorts.

Fisher previously competed in the Hamilton Island Triathlon in 2008 and 2010, placing second both times and again in 2012, where he took out the title.

Fisher enjoyed competing in the Hamilton Island Triathlon for its incredible location and unique track.

"Visually the course is very different. Having competed around the world, you swim in some pretty average locations. But at Whitehaven you can see the bottom the whole time and fish swimming around," he said.

"The ride on the airport tarmac was definitely a highlight. I don’t think there's any race in the world I've done that before."

Fisher has competed in triathlons across the globe and has won many titles throughout his career, but this win on Hamilton Island was made even sweeter along side his partner, Brianna Thomas who was crowned the female champion.

In her competition debut, Brianna Thomas crossed the finish line completely unaware that she had actually won.

"I was actually running up the beach and didn't know where I was coming. I thought someone had passed me on the bike earlier in the race," Thomas said.

"It was a surprise when I got to the end and everyone was telling me I had come first."

Like her partner, Thomas enjoyed competing at the events amazing location.

"It's a very unique destination especially when it came to the bike component. It's not everyday you get to ride down the middle of an airstrip on an island," she said.

"I'd definitely love to come back here. You can't beat the destination and I think it's one of those triathlons where you can go and really challenge yourself."