Low Aussie Dollar Boosts Hamilton Island Tourism

6th November 2018

Windward Plunge Pool

While many Australian's worry about the plummeting Aussie dollar, tourism operators on Hamilton Island are reaping the benefits.

Hamilton Island is a stunning holiday destination set amongst the beautiful Whitsundays. Popular with domestic and overseas tourists, Hamilton Island is an iconic Australian holiday destination.

Hamilton Island chief executive Glenn Bourke has stated that when the Aussie dollar drops, he notices a significant jump in tourist numbers visiting the island paradise.

"We saw a huge surge in visitors as the dollar dropped. It happens over a period of time and obviously there is a delayed reaction but it definitely happens," Mr Bourke said.

"People recognise that Australia is more appealing on the basis of a 70 to 80 cents than it is at parity level with the US dollar. It just continues to be a more attractive destination."

Over the past 12 months, Hamilton Island has received its largest rise in visitor spend, increasing by 9.3 per cent. There has also been a 22 per cent increase in the number of American tourists staying on Hamilton Island.

"I think that is the direct result of the weak Australian dollar and Australia's reputation as a safe destination as well," Mr Bourke said.

"Tourism is transient and there is a market for bargain hunting. I think that’s why we are seeing this big uptick in the US market."

In recent years, Tourism Australia has ramped up their advertising and marketing campaigns to target the US market. The most well-known campaign was the $35 million Crocodile Dundee ad which was aired during the Super Bowl earlier this year. It is estimated that 111.3 million people saw the ad.

Tourism Australia managing director John O'Sullivan said that the falling Aussie dollar was "the icing on the cake" for Americans considering an Australian holiday.

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